Lymm Community Energy

Lymm Community Energy Limited (LCE) is a Community Benefit Society (CBS) established in December 2014 to enable local people and organisations to invest in renewable energy installations that benefit the local community.

As A CBS, LCE is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (Reg No 7059) and governed by a set of Rule which can be downloaded here:

PV panels

Picture above shows the Cherry Tree PV installation

The motivation to set up LCE came from a belief that part of the solution to the environmental and economic problems we face is for people to take control of their energy generation and distribute the benefits to their local community. We also want to enable people to make ethical investments in their local community, which provide them with financial returns.

Our vision is to make a long–term difference to the sustainability of Lymm and surrounding areas through financing and installing renewable and low carbon energy technologies, particularly for community organisations. The Objects of the Society are to carry on any business for the benefit of the community by:a) promoting renewable energy generation and developing, installing and operating renewable and low carbon energy systems;b) enabling the local and wider community to share in the ownership of renewable and low carbon energy projects;c) raising awareness and supporting educational and other initiatives related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

We particularly want to inspire and inform the next generation about renewable energy and energy efficiency – and our vision is for as many Lymm schools as possible to have their own solar PV, other forms of low carbon energy and where possible also improve their energy efficiency.


LCE is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible to the members for the management and operation of the Society. Our Rules allow for the Board to consist of:

  • Up to 6 Directors elected by and from the Society’s Members;
  • Up to 4 Directors, who must be Members, appointed to the Board by co-option. Co-opted Directors are to be selected by the Board of Directors for their particular skills and/or experience.

In addition, the Board may co-opt up to two external independent Directors who need not be Members and are selected for their particular skills and/or experience.

The current members of the LCE Board are:

  • Bob Barr (Chair)
  • Richard Pearce (Secretary)
  • Meg Davies (Treasurer)
  • Jeethendra Rao
  • Richard Rust
  • Joan Stocker
  • Rachel Waggett (Co-opted Director)
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