LTV Projects

These are some of the projects we are planning. If you would like to contribute please get in touch via email at:

Repair café

Save money on repurchasing items, simply bring them to our repair café where one of our expert volunteers will attempt to repair it for you. Many near-perfect and beloved items end up in landfill for want of a small repair or new part, we just don’t all have the right skills! Our repair café aims to breath new life into used items, enabling you to enjoy them for longer and save the resources required to make new things.

Rewilding verges

We are looking to make Lymm even more beautiful by creating wild meadows on certain road-side verges, rather than just having grass. By introducing a wider variety of plant-life we can provide a haven for a wider variety of insects – in particular pollinators such as bees. This will in turn support the recovery of other wildlife species who are under threat from dwindling habitats. We are working closely with the local council to ensure we pick sites which are safe and appropriate and with local residents to create something beautiful on their doorstep.

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