Lymm Transition Village

Who we are

We are group of Lymm residents who care passionately about our environment and making sure Lymm remains a beautiful and desirable place to live for future generations. We are concerned about how we transition through the challenges of climate change while preserving what’s great about living in Lymm.

We part of a wider network of similar groups:

We are always keen to welcome others with this shared interest so please reach out via our Facebook page.

What we do

We work on small projects all with the aim of conserving our environment, reversing existing environmental damage and reducing our impact on climate change. This can range from local tree-planting projects to putting our support to national movements such as encouraging our local MPs to sign the CEE Bill. We aim to work with local people to find practical ways to improve life, environment and well-being in Lymm. You can find more about our current and planned projects – including how you can get involved: Library of Things, Tree and Hedge Planting, Shared Greenhouse Space, Repair Cafe and Wild Flower Verges.

Something to contribute?

Lymm has a unique community spirit and LTV is no different – we welcome anyone to come and get involved. We also welcome any feedback on our projects and new ideas on what will help Lymm transition to a more sustainable future. And if you can volunteer your time as well as your feedback we can all get there quicker 😉

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