Contractors in Spud Wood

If you are walking around Spud Wood over the next few weeks you may notice that the contractors have been busy doing some woodland management work. The  contractors are working on behalf of the Woodland Trust around the wood doing some thinning work. 

The work is part of the management plan for the wood and the aim is to both remove trees that are showing signs of ash-die back that might become dangerous to those using the wood and to thin some overcrowded areas of the wood particularly over near Burford Lane to enable a more diverse woodland. We are planning some new tree planting across the wood this year to bring in a wider range of tree species. Most of the felled trees will be removed from the wood by the contractors or the wood allotments group.  Some may be left to provide habitat to the wildlife in our wood. 

When the  contractors start working in the Burford Lane end of the wood this area will be closed off to protect the public as they will be using heavy machinery, please respect the closure of these footpaths.

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