Exciting Solar Farm Project Begins Community Consultation

Lymm Community Energy (LCE) has secured funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund to assess the feasibility of constructing and operating a 5MW solar farm on land owned by Wildersmoor Hall Farm on Whiteleggs Lane, Lymm.

Proposed Location of 5MW Solar Farm

LCE recently engaged the services of local company Fichtner Consulting Engineers, who have extensive experience of solar farms in the UK. A technical feasibility study has been completed and concludes that the site is suitable for a solar farm development and that the land available is more than sufficient for the scale of project being considered. The preliminary energy yield analysis gives an annual plant production of about 5.4 million kWh per year after taking account of losses. This is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about 1,470 homes and it would save around 1,130 tonnes of CO2e emissions annually using current conversion factors.

The development would follow agricultural good practice guidelines for solar farms, including using the land for grazing and encouraging biodiversity. The potential to supply local residents, businesses and community facilities with electricity from the solar farm is also being investigated during the feasibility study together with the scope for battery storage. 

The proposed solar farm meets all our objectives as a Community Benefit Society and our Community Benefit Fund would use financial surpluses from the solar farm to support local community organisations and projects.

Local support and consultation are an important component of the feasibility study report. LCE are running an initial information event on 26th June, 10am-4pm, at Lymm Hub (Lymm Library, Sanctuary Hub and Business Centre). The public is invited to drop in to ask questions and make comments about the development. The solar farm public consultation will then continue beyond this date via local media sources and direct communication with contacts in the areas that neighbour the proposed site. 

The LCE solar farm project is one of several information stands available to visit at the June event. The event is run by LEAF, who themselves will launch as a new umbrella to bring together a number of local groups focused on environmental themes. More information about the project will be posted on this website in the near future. In the meantime, if you have comments to raise or questions to ask, please email us on info@lowcarbonlymm.org.uk or call Richard Pearce on 07976 352914

Proposed Layout of the 5MW solar farm

Photo of a typical solar farm

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