Big Energy Saving Winter – Save £££ on your energy bills

Big Energy Saving Winter is a national campaign to help you cut your energy bills and get all the financial support you’re entitled to. As part of this campaign, Lymm Community Energy (LCE) will be running a series of free on-line sessions in the evenings on 12th, 18th and 27th January 2021 to provide lots of useful tools and advice to help you save money while keeping your home warm this winter. Help with applying for the Green Homes Grant scheme will also be available.

Download the leaflet for the event.

Please contact LCE at or call Richard Pearce on 07976 352914 for details how to register for the on-line sessions.

Last year, LCE helped many Lymm residents to save between £150 and £500 each on their energy bills and also signposted them to support programmes such as LEAP which provides free home energy advice visits to qualifying households. 

BESW is a partnership campaign between Citizens Advice, the Energy Savings Trust and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). For more details see:

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