Voltage Optimisation – find out about a way to reduce your electricity bill by up to 12%!

VPhase pictureThe Energy Saving Trust has now endorsed Voltage Control Systems (Voltage Optimisers).

Voltage Optimisers can help households to save up to 12% in electricity costs and carbon emissions without a change in lifestyle. How does it work?  The electricity coming into your house from the grid fluctuates between 207 and 253 volts.  UK appliances run on 220 volts.  A Voltage Optimiser smooths out the incoming electricity to match the 220 volts required, thus reducing carbon emissions, heat and vibrations.   Voltage Optimisers also improve the longevity of your TV, washing machine etc.  For more information contact Low Carbon Lymm. For information on other energy saving measures look at our previous post on the subject.

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