The Green Trail

Low Carbon Lymm are proud to announce the launch of a new interactive website which aims to break down the challenge of green technologies and installations, and introduces you to local people who have achieved it for themselves and can share their experiences of doing so.

The website was created following the success of the Green Trail event at the 2011 Lymm Festival when 11 homes with a variety of green technologies and home improvements were opened to the public. The development of the website was carried out during the recent Green Deal Pioneer Places project with Warrington Borough Council which was funded by DECC. We have created an on-line resource with all this information at the click of a button – a ‘virtual’ Green Trail. The site enables you to read, see and hear about the installations on real homes in Lymm, including solar electricity panels, solar thermal water heating, wood burning stove, vegetable beds and home composting.

There are two ways to search the website, one shows you different Lymm homes and the improvements they’ve made and the other allows you to search for a particular installation such as LED lights or voltage optimiser’s.

Green Trail Webpage

 There are many homes in Lymm that have made changes in order to reduce their carbon emissions and save money – and some of them are happy to open their doors and share their experiences with people looking to make some of those changes themselves. If you’re interested in meeting someone with a green installation that you’re thinking about installing or want to find out more about then we at Low Carbon Lymm can make that possible.

Start searching the Green Trail by following the link on the front page of the Low Carbon Lymm website or go direct to and email us at if you’d like to visit one of the properties or have any questions.

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