Sunny side up!

Oughtrington's solar school

Oughtrington’s solar school

Sunshine is powering the kids in Lymm this year, with all four primary schools now running on sun. Since the last two systems were completed in summer 2016, the four systems have produced over 75,000kWh of electricity Рenough to power 25 average houses for a year.

The aim of these projects was to reduce carbon emissions in Lymm, provide educational benefits to the children and to reduce energy costs for the schools. All this and more has now been achieved!

So far, the schools have saved over £5,500, directly benefitting their school budgets.

The projects have also inspired the staff and children to look at other ideas to save energy, such as switching off equipment and changing to more efficient lights.

These projects were funded by 70 people, mainly from Lymm and the surrounding area, who are now members of Lymm Community Energy and will receive interest on their investment in years to come. Richard Pearce, one of the directors of Lymm Community Energy said, “It’s fantastic that the solar PV is performing so well and that all the primary school children in Lymm are going to benefit. The systems will continue to generate energy for more than 20 years, so thousands of children are going to see solar power in action.”

This project shows what is possible when people come together with a common goal – if you want to help make a change then come along to a Low Carbon Lymm meeting or get in touch!

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