Ravenbank and Oughtrington schools are Running on Sun!

Thanks to all our 2015 investors for your wonderful support last year – this enabled us to reach our share offer target early, and get the panels installed on Oughtrington and Ravenbank school roofs last summer. Please consider investing again this year to help Statham and Cherry Tree primaries join them!

raven2      excited pupils with their teacher at Oughtrington

Both schools, Ravenbank and Oughtrington, were excited about the prospect of being able to ‘run on sun’ and have their own renewable energy. Here is what some of the pupils and staff have said:


“We are very excited and intrigued to finally have solar panels fitted on our school because it will help care for our world and should provide energy for our lights and Interactive Whiteboards. We are really interested to see it in action and how it will benefit our school. Thank you!”

KS2 Eco Council

“I think we should have solar panels so we can save power for the school. The electricity bills will cost less plus the system is ‘eco’ so it will not cause any pollution which will prevent global warming.”

Year 6 pupil

“I think we should have solar panels because we are a big school that eats up a big amount of energy. By having solar panels it will conserve the energy and make our school more eco-friendly”

Eco Council member

“All the adults and children at Ravenbank CP School are very excited to see the solar panels installed and to start creating our own ‘off grid’ energy. It is something the children have been interested in and keen for our school to have for a very long time. Children have been asking me for many years, in my role as ‘eco coordinator’, if Ravenbank could have solar panels but it always seemed out of the question due to financial and logistical concerns. It is truly wonderful that the children will now be able to see this green method for generating energy in action. It will be an excellent example to the children of how communities can work together to successfully help lower carbon emissions.”

Mrs Merry (Year 6 Teacher, Science Leader and  Eco Coordinator)


“We want to help the environment and make Oughtrington super green”

Year 2 child

‘We want to save money so that there’ll be more money to invest in resources’

Head Boy

‘It’s a great opportunity to help the community’

Year 4 child

“Efficient solar panel systems produce electricity without damaging the environment. We are delighted that our school is taking steps towards reducing our carbon footprint allowing the money saved to be invested in our children’s education and future.”


“Solar energy is free and sustainable. It’s extremely reliable and even on cloudy days will generate power. This will provide Oughtrington with energy security for the future. Once installed, solar power is renewable and will cost us absolutely nothing, indefinitely.”