Please don’t cut down the dead trees in Spud Wood


Someone has been marking some of the standing dead trees in Spud Wood with black and yellow tape and cutting them down. This activity does not have the permission of The Woodland Trust and is not part of the Wood Allotment work.

Please can whoever is doing this STOP

Only the members of the Wood Allotments, Friends of Spud Wood who have had training and contractors employed by The Woodland Trust should be cutting down trees in the wood.

In Spud Wood there are a number of dead trees that have died because of the success of some of the more vigorous trees around them shading out the slower growing trees – this is a natural process as the wood gets more mature.   Standing dead trees are an important part of a healthy woodland ecosystem and some are being left as well as the dead wood piles on the ground to provide different kinds of habitats to encourage insects, fungi and a variety of wildlife.

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