If you don’t want HS2, then please email/write to your MP before 10th April

Dear Members and Supporters – for those of us who feel strongly about HS2 we are sharing this important information from the Lymm ABLEtostopHS2 group for ACTION.
The HS2 Hybrid Bill has its 2nd reading in Parliament on Monday 28th April 2014. IF IT GOES THROUGH it will secure the powers to start construction of HS2.
There is one very important thing you can do before Easter to influence its outcome…
1) WRITE TO YOUR MP NOW URGING HIM TO VOTE AGAINST THE BILL. Suggested text can be downloaded here MP – Hybrid Bill 2nd Reading Letter to which you need to add your name, address and postcode to prove you are a genuine constituent then forward by email. For many of us this is David Mowat; his email address is david.mowat.mp@parliament.uk. David Mowat has already reacted to concerns raised by his constituents and has since made his reservations about HS2 known in Parliament and in the press – this was the result of many letters and emails being sent as well as meetings held with his constituents and it is important that we continue with these. You may wish to add to the suggested text exactly how the route affects you and whether HS2 will influence your vote in the local and general elections.
2) IF YOU KNOW YOUR MP IS FULLY PRO-HS2 (eg GEORGE OSBORNE) you may wish to write to David Mowat or any other MP instead.
e.g. Graham Brady (Altrincham and Sale West) has said again this week in the press that unless the route through Warburton is withdrawn he will vote against the bill. His email is crowthers@parliament.uk.
Apparently many other MPs are also considering voting against the bill, even though it officially has all-party support, so now is a crucial time to email/write again to urge them to listen to their constituents.
IMPORTANT: the Easter Recess in Parliament begins on April 10th when MPs leave Westminster and they will not return until the 28th, the same day as the 2nd reading. So it is very important to email/write this weekend before they depart on the 10th.

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