Small steps to go green: eco kettle

eco kettle

This weekend the Telegraph newspaper ran a ‘green living’ feature with a number of interesting articles and tips on how you can live a more ‘green’ and eco-friendly lifestyle.  One of those recommendations, from TV home improvement expert, George Clarke, was to invest in an eco kettle.  He said “Eco kettles are more energy-efficient than most kettles, which use a ridiculous amount of electricity, and, if you are a compulsive tea-guzzler, they can beneficially impact your bills.”

We have an Eco Kettle and have been using it for a number of years now – it boils water in a record time and had an inner chamber which means you only boil the amount of water you need.  If you are interested in buying an eco kettle but have some questions, why not get in touch with us at and we’d be happy to help.  Also, check out the Lymm Green Trail as you might be able to visit Lymm residents who have energy saving appliances or technologies.

The Eco Kettle is available from Nigel’s Eco Store and other online shops.

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