Grab Your Bags

We’ve all got stacks of them at home. M&S charge for them, Tesco and Sainsbury’s give us points for reusing them. Wales already charge 5p for one, and Scotland are about to start. It’s so easy to forget them – hidden under the sink, behind the front door or in the boot of the car. They cost the traders money, they can be seen in the bushes around the Dam, the Dingle and Slitten gorge, and they generally just end up being landfilled. Plastic bags are an habitual part of day-to-day life in Lymm, but you can help change this.

Steve Walsh, local resident and member of Low Carbon Lymm, is championing a new scheme aiming to help you remember your bags when you go shopping. Low Carbon Lymm and Steve have arranged for reminder stickers (example shown) to be printed which you can collect from most of the traders in the village from Saturday 15th September. Please help to ensure that Lymm stays beautiful and “Don’t forget your bags”. Plastic Bag Free Lymm is just one of Low Carbon Lymm’s projects which are aimed at making Lymm a more sustainable community, saving money and reducing carbon emissions.


This campaign is being supported by the Traders of Lymm and who have combined to source a jute bag with branding, so if you don’t have one already pop into Sextons and pick one up for £2.50.

If you want more information on the scheme or on Low Carbon Lymm, please contact us at


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