Coppicing Dates for 2015/16

Our aim at these sessions in 2015/16 will be to try and pull out some more useful products out (e.g. bean poles, pea sticks etc) before we build the brash hedges.

So if you would like any Pea Sticks or Bean Poles from Spud Wood please get in touch – email

We plan to deliver to Lymm allotments.  Prices – Pea sticks 5 for £2             Bean poles 5 for £5

We will be cutting down some of the hazels on the right of the main entrance to Spud Wood.  We have previously undertaken coppicing of the hazels planted around the edge of the wood – this allows them to  regenerate.  The brash we cut down will be used to make a hedge to protect the stumps and make a wildlife tunnel.  You can see the previously coppiced trees are shooting up and doing well.

Coppicing 1 003The dates for 2015/16 are:
• Sat 7th Nov 10am-2pm
• Sun 3rd Jan 10am-2pm
• Sat 27 Feb 10am-2pm

The wood from the coppicing can be taken by volunteers for their own use.

Please wear stout boots and gloves and bring loppers & bow saws, kneelers are also useful. You need to bring your own tools.
No tools will be provided.  If you don’t have any tools and want to come along please let us know at  – you are very welcome as there are jobs that don’t need tools or you can work with someone with tools to spare.

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