Low Carbon Lymm (LCL) is a voluntary, not for profit body, established by a group of Lymm residents. The main PURPOSE of the Group is to work with all areas of the Lymm community to address the challenges of climate change and to reduce our carbon emissions. In doing this, we will also reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and save money.

Low Carbon Lymm

We are reminded nearly every day of the threat of climate change and the extent to which manmade carbon dioxide emissions are leading to global warming. High energy prices and diminishing reserves of oil and gas have also made us realise that we need to do something urgently to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. But what can we do about this global problem at a local level?

A group of likeminded Lymm residents have got together recently to work out how we can take practical steps in our local community to reduce our carbon emissions as well as our reliance on fossil fuels……whilst at the same time saving money!

We are planning a range of activities, using local expertise and resources, to encourage and help the community to achieve these aims. These will cover all areas of Lymm – households, businesses, schools and community groups.We will tackle areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, transport and recycling by raising awareness of what can be done and by providing information and help on how to do it. We are planning a number of specific projects such as how can we use the water resources around Lymm to generate energy for the village.

There are a number of low carbon community initiatives in other parts of Cheshire and Warrington, some of which have been going for a few years. So we will be learning from them whilst developing an approach which meets the specific needs of Lymm and its residents.

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